PA Q+A: Eligibility for Paid Return Flight

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I know that my BOE is obligated to pay for my flight home if I leave Japan after my contract expires. But, as far as I can tell, they are NOT obligated to do so if I sign a contract with another Japanese employer and stay in the country. Is this correct?


The standard contract recommended by CLAIR to all Contracting Organizations lists 3 criteria for eligibility for a flight home. They are:

1. Completing term of appointment
2. Not entering into subsequent employment in Japan within one month after completion of the term of employment
3. Not staying in Japan longer than one month from the day following the end of the term appointment (see p. 195, GIH)

According to these rules, your CO is most likely not obligated to for your flight home because of criteria number 2. However, contracts may vary, so please review your own contract. You can also consult with your supervisor to see if you CO is willing to make an exception.

As a side note, one point to consider is that even if you get a free flight home, if you are returning to Japan you will have to buy a one-way ticket from your home country anyway, which can often cost just as much as a roundtrip ticket.

Finally, please be mindful of your visa and residency status. It would be best to confirm with your local immigration office how to turn in the proper paper work to change your employer/sponsor, etc. if you will be staying in Japan.

Answered by PAs 2014/3/13.