Saga’s AJET chapter is only a one-person operation but plays a large part in maintaining the tight-knit community that we have here. The Saga AJET Rep’s job is to provide as many opportunities as possible for the JET community to get together with both JET and non-JET friends, mainly by organizing various events in and around Saga.

2020-2021 Saga AJET Rep: Jonathan Amanatidis

Jonathan is a 3rd year ALT born of the frosty, polite soils of Canada. You can find him in Yoshinogari Town – just three quick stops east of Saga Station – running through the rice paddies and whispering Yayoi Era burial chants. He enjoys cooking, day-tripping in nature, and buying video games from second-hand stores. He convinces himself to study Japanese almost every day, has dreams of visiting all 47 prefectures, and values emotional vulnerability in friendships. So if anything listed above fits your interests, you know where to go.


Since Saga is fairly small in terms of both area and JET numbers our AJET chapter is kept simple and straightforward, with no need for a committee, constitution, or any of the complexity you might find in larger prefectures!

As with all prefectural AJET chapters, the Saga AJET role is not recognised officially by National AJET; it is completely separate, although has broadly similar aims to the national association.

The main responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Be involved specifically in the organising of the annual JET entry into the dragon boat race (in August) and the Leaver’s Party (in June)
  • Organise other local (JET) events
  • Work with local JETs to promote/help organise events such e.g. Nanayama Waterfall Climb, Karatsu BBQ, Kunchi, and Arita Porcelain Tours
  • Attend monthly meetings in Saga City with DRs
  • Be actively involved in planning and executing JET conferences with DRs
  • Work with the Block 10 AJET rep to coordinate block events at the local level
  • Disseminate information to JETs about events inside and outside Saga.

You want this job?

The ideal Saga AJET rep is someone who is enthusiastic, socially-connected, highly involved within the Saga JET community, and keen to maintain and promote the socially-active network we have established. Through their leadership and work, JETs should have opportunities to see more parts of Saga they might not otherwise visit.

The new Saga AJET rep is chosen annually by the outgoing representative after seeking expressions of interest, and announced along with the new District Representatives at the Winter JET Conference in January. The term of the role is one year, from April to March.

Being the Saga AJET rep can be a lot of work and a challenge at times, but it is incredibly enjoyable and also very fulfilling when you see other JETs and friends have a great time together at the events you have organised.