Event Report the 9th Arita Contemporary Art Garden Place

Hallo! Hannaです。

On Saturday, Sept. 14th I went to the World Ceramics Exposition-Memorial Hall in Arita to visit Arita’s contemporary art festival that takes place there every year. As I am very interested in art and enjoy going to art galleries, too, I was very curious about this event.



It is hosted by the “Arita Media Project” and this year`s theme was “Learning and Creativity” (manabi to kurieito).

イベントの主催はArita Media Projectであり、今年のテーマは「マナビト・クリエイト」でした。

At the entrance area you could find some shops selling their goods like postcards, handmade accessories or organic cookies and creams. I had expected to have more opportunities to buy some cute and unique things, but the focus was clearly on displaying art.


Art1 Art2

As one of the main events the design faculty of Arita Technical High school showed some of their best art works, including posters they had designed. I was really impressed by their talent, – you wouldn`t really think that high school students had designed everything!


Art3Other than that you could also participate in some interactive events like an illustration workshop or an iPad workshop where you could create your own animation using the app “Animation Desk”.


The other main event included works by the “Japan Media Arts Festival”, a festival by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga every year; you could read some of the award-winning manga and watch an anime series (“Kids on the Slope”、btw. actually playing in Sasebo!) and short films on a big screen, too! I watched some of the short films, and especially liked 夕化粧(Sunset Flower Blooming) by Yuanyuan Hu and 火要鎮 (Combustible) by Katsuhiro Otomo, which both had really beautiful artwork.

Art4もう一つのメイン・イベントは、毎年アート、エンターテインメント、アニメーション、マンガの4部門において優れた作品を顕彰する「文化庁メディア芸術祭」の受賞作品が展示・上映されたということでした。そこで、受賞して、高い芸術性と創造性を持っている漫画を読んだり、(現場が佐世保である)「坂道のアポロン」というアニメを見たり、また短編映画を見たりする機会がありました。私はアニメの短編映画を見たら、一番好きなのは、胡 嫄嫄の「夕化粧」と大友克洋の「火要鎮」という作品でした。両方ともとてもきれいで鮮やかな色で描かれたからです。

There was also an art exhibition at Koraku Kiln (幸楽窯) /“Happy Lucky Site Arita”by artists currently living there, but unfortunately I didn`t have time to go there.


Overall I really enjoyed this art festival. It is a great idea to promote the creativity and talent of the young artists of this area, and I hope that this festival will attract more visitors and that there will be more artists participating in the following years.



ホームページ:Arita Contemporary Art Garden Place


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