Revamped and Relaunched has been completely revamped to make it a more easily searchable, up-to-date, and useful resource for all new and current JETs.

The biggest difference you’ll notice is that the design has been overhauled, it’s more visually pleasing, easier to use and navigate. We have tried to organize the website in way that is logical and covers all aspects of living and working in Saga.

It is our hope that the new SagaJET will become a real hub of information that people want to visit regularly and allow for a greater retention of knowledge as JETs come and go.

Some new features of the website include:

  • Saga interactive Google Map
  • A focus on general Saga, ALT/CIR and JET news
  • Greater information about districts, events, support, working and living in Saga
  • A Newcomers section to help make things easier for new JETs once they find out their placements and begin their JET journey
  • Easier access to things like conference materials, teaching resources, and useful links
  • A “Sempai Says” section where we can record and share little tips and advice for others
  • A new anonymous “PA Q+A” where questions will be answered by the PAs and shared to help others (where appropriate)
  • Better use of visual media and integration with social media

The DR and PA team will be regularly updating SagaJET with new content, news, information and resources. It will always be a work in progress as we continue to improve its usefulness.

We’re also on the look out for contributions to the website from the Saga JET community. So if you have pictures, videos, news, a blog, or any information we could add to the website let us know!

Please take some time to check out the new site and if you have any feedback, suggestions, comments or notice any mistakes please email us.

Thanks, and enjoy the new site!

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