Fukagawa Seiji Lavender Fair

Exciting event alert at Fukagawa Seiji!

May 17 – June 2

Lavender flower viewing

Enjoy views over 3000 beautiful lavender flowers at the Fukagawa Seiji facilities (China on the Park) in Arita. There are also some other special ”lavender” events happening:

Sunday May 25

Mandolin Concert

Time: 11:30am and 13:30pm

Place: Chujikan building at Fukagawa Seiji

Entrance fee: Free

Friday May 30 – Monday June 2

Pick your own lavender flowers!

If you buy porcelain at the Fukagawa Seiji shop, you can pick a basket full of lavender flowers.

There will also be a special tea set (650 yen) with lavender tea offered at the café in the Chujikan building, and you can paint your own porcelain. For more information check out their website (in Japanese).


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