Karatsu selected for power generation test site

The windy shores of Karatsu have been selected as one of six test sites nationally for offshore renewable energy. Via NHK World:

The Japanese government has selected six areas, including  off the country’s coastline for firms and other organizations to carry out experiments on marine power generation.

This form of renewable energy harnesses the power of ocean waves, tides and wind to move generators.

With growing public interest in natural energy after the 2011 nuclear accident, the government’s maritime policy taskforce screened 11 areas proposed by local governments.

On Monday, it decided to set up six test sites in areas off the coast of Awashima Island in Niigata Prefecture, as well as Karatsu in Saga Prefecture and other locations.

The taskforce will continue to consider the five other areas after evaluating the needs of firms and other organizations.
Western nations are leading research in this field.
In Britain, test sites for marine power generation were built about 10 years ago with the government’s support.

Japanese firms and universities have been calling on the government to develop such test sites.



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