The (porcelain) heart of Saga

Saga may not always be a coffee table name when it comes to well known Japanese prefectures but the town of Arita is easily recognized among Japanese people and pottery enthusiasts. I recently visited the National British museum and the Japanese exhibit boasted dozens of Arita porcelain goods and it makes sense considering it is some of the best if not the best porcelain in Japan. Truth be told I may be biased considering I have lived in the town for the last two years (onto a third!) but it is definitely both an interesting and beautiful place.


Bowls are ready to be bought during Arita`s porcelain festival.

This year`s golden week will mark the 400th, yes that is right, 400th anniversary of porcelain being made in Japan and naturally it will be hosted in the birthplace of Japanese porcelain! Check out Japan time`s most recent article and see what the big deal is for yourself.



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