July Events Calendar

Nishinomiya Hachimangu Shrine Gion Festival
Kagami Shrine Purification Ritual and Candlelit Live Performance
  • Details: At this summer festival, participants walk through a ring made of cogon grass to pray for good health for the remainder of the year. There will also be live performance (a list of artists can be seen here), as well as food and drink stalls.
  • When: July 25 (Sat.)
  • Where: Kagami Shrine
  • Source: https://map.goo.ne.jp/event/id/CURMRKHA/
Imari Okawachiyama Windchime Festival 2020
  • Details: Porcelain wind chimes will be hung up throughout the town. Normally various events are also held during this period, but this year it will just be the chimes. If you find one that catches your eye (or ear), you may purchase it in a nearby store.
  • When: June 20 to August 31
  • Where: Okawachiyama area, Imari
  • Source: https://ookawachiyama.sagafan.jp/e943976.html 
A Forest Where God Lives — team Lab Projection Mapping at Mifuneyama
  • Details: Very cool projection mapping in a beautiful park. Check the link below for some images.
  • When: July to November 8
  • Where: Mifuneyama Rakuen, Takeo
  • Cost: Adult ticket prices are 1400 yen on weekends and holidays (incl. Obon), 1200 yen on regular weekdays
  • Source: https://www.team-lab.com/news/mifuneyamarakuen2020/

Featured Image: teamLab


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