September Events Calendar

Yobuko Day and Night Marche


“The Yobuko Marche is held on Yobuko Morning Market Street, where stalls selling a wide variety of gourmet foods and miscellaneous goods gather to sell fresh seafood, vegetables, and overnight dried squid.
Also, from this year, Yobuko Night Marche will be held so that you can enjoy Yobuko at night.
Various thoughtful products and works of the stallholders will be gathered to convey the new charm of the Yobuko morning market and the shopping district.”


Yobuko Morning Market Street (呼子朝市通)


Yobuko Marche (5 times in total)

  • September (Sunday)
  • September 25th (Sunday)
  • October 16 (Sunday)
  • November 27 (Sunday)
  • January 22 (Sunday)

8:00 – 14:00.

Yobuko Night Marche (3 times in total)

  • August 11 (Thursday, National Holiday)
  • October 16 (Sunday)
  • December 10 (Saturday)

17:00 – 21:00.


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