November Events Calendar

Saga International Balloon Fiesta
  • When: October 31 (Thu.) to November 4 (Mon.)
  • Where: Kasegawa Riverside, Saga City (Balloon Saga Station will be open. Also accessible by bus.)
  • Description: This year marks the 40th anniversary of the event. There are two competitive flights each day, one from 7:00, and one from 15:00
  • Link (official web), link (official Facebook)
Karatsu Kunchi
  • When: November 2 19:30 to 22:00, November 3 9:30 to 16:30, November 4 10:00 to 17:30
  • Where: Downtown Karatsu
  • Description: The first day is recommended because the floats are paraded through the city, lit up with paper lanterns. The second day is also popular because the floats are pulled through the sand, which is also quite spectacular.
  • Link (official web), link (route mape of the floats)
Ureshino Onsen Autumn Festival
  • When: November 3 (Sun.), 10:00 to 16:00
  • Where: Downtown Ureshino
  • Description: See a dance performance by Geisha`s and other musical events. Enjoy beef and yudōfu, for which Ureshino is famous. Coupons for 50% off entrance fees to some nearby onsen will also be distributed!
  • Link 
Yamada Sunflower Garden Fall Blooms Festival
  • When: November 3 to 30, 9:00 to 16:30
  • Where: Yamada Sunflower Garden (山田ひまわり園), Miyaki
  • Cost: 100 yen
Imari Port Fireworks Festival
  • When: November 16 (Sat.), from 18:00
  • Where: Nanatsushima area, Imari
  • Link 
Opening of Kunen’an to the Public
  • When: Mid to late November, exact dates depend on the leaves (in 2018, 15th to 23rd of November)
  • Where: Kunen’an, Kanzaki
  • Cost: There will likely be a small fee for up-keep (¥400 last year)
  • Link
Shiroishi Pettanko Festival
  • When: November 17 (Sun.)
  • Where: Skypark Fureai Kyou (有明スカイパークふれあい郷)
  • Description: A celebration of agricultural and marine harvest. This festival is especially famous for the competitions in mochi making, as well as tractor pulling
  • Link
14th Arita Ceramics Autumn Festival  
  • When: November 20 to 24
  • Where: All around Arita
  • Link
Imari Walk 2019
  • When: November 23 (Sat.), registration at 9:00, starts at 10:00
  • Where: Chuo Dori area of downtown Saga City
  • Details: Applications due by November 9
  • Cost: 1000 yen per registrant
  • Link
The Best Yokan in Japan Festival
  • Details: Approximately 23 Ogi Yokan manufacturers will gather to sell their products.
  • When: November 24 (Sun.), 10:00 to 17:00
  • Where: Yume Puratto Ogi, Ogi
  • Link 
Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori
  • When: November 1 to November 30
  • Where: 667 Hirano, Kyuragi-machi, Karatsu City
  • Description: Natural park, great for viewing the autumn colors.
  • Link

Featured Image: Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori during the fall foliage season.


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