December Events Calendar

Fukuoka Christmas Market
  • When: November 12th (Tue.) to December 25th (Wed.)
  • Details: Yearly Christmas market held both in Hakata and Tenjin (Tenjin venue opens from 11/28). There are stage performances, lots of food, as well as some unique wares and trinkets for sale.
  • Where: Hakata Station and Fureai Hiroba (field in front of Fukuoka City Hall)
  • Link: official page (Japanese only)
27th Japanese and English Conversation club and dinner
  • Details: Event commonly held on Fridays, good for meeting new people and practicing each other’s languages. The meetings are usually followed by dinner.
  • When: December 6, 19:00 to 20:30
  • Where: Saga International Plaza in Shoko Building, Saga City
  • Link: official Facebook
Yoshinogari Hikari no Hibiki
  • Details: Enjoy the weekends leading up to midwinter with lights, fireworks and music. Hot air balloons will use their burners to hover at low altitude as well.
  • When: Saturdays and Sundays from December 7 to December 22, from 17:00 to 21:00
  • Where: Yoshinogari Historical Park
  • Link: official page
Ohitaki Festival
  • Details: Cleanse yourself of sins and foulness at Yutoku Inari Shrine. The closer you stand to the fire, the purer you get. Apparently they hand out amazake to visitors to combat the cold as well. On the 7th and 8th, there is also a market where you can buy some local specialties.
  • When: December 8 (Sun) from 20:00
  • Where: Yutoku Inari Shrine
  • Link: official page
Goma Ritual and Firewalking
  • Details: The goma ritual is a Buddhist fire ritual. Those who wish to, may partake in fire-walking too. Tonjiru (pork soup) and omiyage will be for sale.
  • When: December 8 (Sun) from 12:00
  • Where: Honpukuji (本福寺) Temple, Kiyama
  • Link: official Facebook (Japanese only)
Circle Time
  • Details: Join the other Circle Time volunteers for holiday fun with local kids!
  • When: December 14 (Sat) 13:00 to 15:00
  • Where: Saga International Plaza in Shoko Building, Saga City
  • Link: official Facebook
Keep Pine Project
  • Details: Help clean Niji-no-Matsubara!
  • When: December 15, 10:00 to 11:30 (reception from 9:45)
  • Where: Hamasaki Shinrin’yoku no Mori Park parking lot (浜崎森林浴の森公園駐車場)
  • Link: official page

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