January Events Calendar

Onja Onja Festival
Shiroishi Shrine Hongengyo
  • Details: Participants bring their first writing of the year to add to a bonfire, then eat mochi roasted over the fire for good health.
  • When: January 11, from 8:30
  • Where: Shiraishi Shrine
  • http://www.miyakikankou.jp/main/6193.html
Imari Ebisu Festival
  • Details: A parade in honor of the Seven Gods of Fortune. There is also a raffle from 12:15.
  • When: January 12, from 11:00 to 15:00
  • Where: Koimari Street
Tosu Premium Outlet Sales
Kodo workshop
  • Details: Much like a tea ceremony, but instead of appreciating the flavors of tea, you will be appreciating the fragrance of incense. Participation costs 2000 yen, reservation is required.
  • When: January 26, several timeslots available in the morning and afternoon.
  • Where: Chokokan (Saga City, near the Prefectural Government Office)
  • https://www.walkerplus.com/event/ar1041e374992/
Saga Agricultural Festival

Kakigoya (“oyster hut”) in Hatatsu Town

Featured Image (Onja Onja Festival)


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