Activities in Arita: Climbing Mt Kurokami

Hallo 🙂 Hannaです。

On a beautiful day in April I decided to climb Mt. Kurokami again (I already climbed it 2 times since I have come to Arita). The mountain is about 516m highland was believed to be a sacred mountain in former times.



The mountain climbing season at Mt. Kurokami officially begins on April 1st and there are several paths that lead to the top. From Arita there are two starting points to climb it, the Ryumon valley and the Arita Dam; from each it will take 60-90 minutes to reach the mountain’s top.


I started at Arita Dam and reached the top of the mountain in about an hour. This isn`t very long for a hiking trip, but let me tell you, it is more exhausting than you would think :). Still, on my way I found many little streams, a cave, a small temple and was overall surrounded by beautiful nature which was really nice.

私は有田ダムでハイキングを始めて、山頂に着くまで60分ぐらいかかりました。それは長いハイクだとは言えませんが、想像するより大変かもしれません ;) それに対して、道の途中で、清流、洞窟やKurikami2小さなお寺があって、どこに行っても、きれいな自然に囲まれてとても素敵でした。

There was only one part when climbing that I didn’t enjoy so much (as I have a fear of heights, to be honest), and this was climbing up using the iron chains and a rope on a very steep part near the summit. But soon afterwards I reached the top (called“Tendo Rock”) and was rewarded by very beautiful scenery! On sunny days you can have a fantastic panoramic view of the Ariake Sea, and the Omura and Karatsu Bay.


I definitely recommend climbing Mt. Kurokami! In my opinion the best time for a hike would be April/May or October. Have fun! 🙂




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